Country Music And The New Country

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Whether you know him as the man in black, or Johnny Cash, he had a long career as an extremely influential American country artist. Starting in 1957 with “Johnny Cash with his hot and blue guitar” to the 2010 “American VI: ain’t no grave” Johnny had 96 albums and 153 singles released.

Even as an infant, Johnny was on the path to becoming interesting, his parents unable to decide on a proper name simply chose J.R. Cash. Born February 26, 1932 in southern Arkansas, it wasn’t Read more…

Modern Means Country And Western Music

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When you think about country music, you might think about the twangy sounds from country songs of the past. Although this genre of country definitely had an important part in shaping and molding what country music is known for and what it is today, you should know that country and Western music is a lot more modern today than it ever was in the past. In fact, those who swore that they didn’t like country music at all Read more…

Telling The Story Of Country Music

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Country music is compelling, even fun to listen to, because it represents people who have done enough hard living to know you can’t take life too seriously. They know how to hold on to joy. Especially joy centered around loved ones and music. Thus country music represents a celebration of amazing songs and artists. It’s a genre that knows it’d have no present without its great founders: the Carters, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, and even newer Read more…

Country Music At A Glance

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If you get your music television through places like then it’s a good bet you probably are familiar with country music. To the uninitiated, country music can sound like some depressing and overall repugnant twangs and lyrics but at the very core of this genre is the soul and depth of everyday American life and the ravages we are faced with in day to day life. In short, what you hear in country music is the collective tragedy and mournful heart of this fair country in the form of songs and ballads that test our ability to listen as much as the artists are tested in life.

That is why country music has endured for so long in this country, because it is so sincere. Sure you have your pop and your jazz and your rock and roll but you don’t really get much out of that by the end of the day. Whereas, with country music, those are songs of tragic tableau and heartache that stick with you until the bitter end. You are as much of a participant in the life of this mournful crooner as you are a mere spectator and that is the real magic and the essence of country music.

Are You Country Enough For Me?

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What happened to the “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” “Delta Dawn,” “Hello Darlin’” and “He Stopped Loving Her Today” type country songs? These classic country hits spoke to the heart of country music. Many of today’s efforts, while good music, just are not country. Taylor Swift is a good example of this phenomenon. She is country enough to have started on country music radio, but she has migrated to a pop music category while clinging to a Read more…

Making Country Music About Country Lives

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Country music has long been picked at for being about losing your job, wife, dog and house. And nobody can deny there are songs out there that fit that bill. Country music has pretty consistently been a reflection of country lives, everything from farming to military service. If you took the time to count the number of country songs that mention dirt roads, swimming in the river, plowing the fields, walkin’ barefoot, Sunday dinner after church, the American flag on the front porch or the cheating spouse, you would be occupied for quite a while. Whether you are looking for Read more…

Singing Country To Audiences Outside America

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Country music can speak volumes to many people around the world. Country artists can bring their style and “southern charm” to audiences outside America when they are touring to bring attention to their music to people around the world.
Past and present country artists want to reach as many people as possible and singing to audiences outside America is a perfect way to do this. When they want to promote a new album or an upcoming concert they will appreciate having an “new” audience and gain a larger fan base than by just Read more…

Top Country Music Artists Worldwide Today

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You may wonder if country music is as popular overseas as it is in the US and Canada. A recent check of the most downloaded country albums in Europe, Australia, and Japan showed that Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, and Johnny Cash are doing just fine. However, you-ll also see plenty of the names that are at the top of the American charts. Younger stars are like Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Shania Twain, Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley are all selling lots of music overseas.

Overseas fans no longer need to rely Read more…